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Disadvantages of adopting POP Ganesha idols

Ganpati bappa morya!
Paryaavaranaachi Kalji Ghyaa!
This Ganesha Chaturthi make a right divine choice…….adopt eco-friendly clay idols!

Why one should adopt clay idols while worshiping Lord Ganesha on Chaturthi?
On auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi maximum power of Ganesha decent to earth its called All pervading powers of GOD‘s love. This powers or blessing are absorbed by only natural clay, swayambhus or stone because it’s one of panch tattwa. It is only panch tattwa has capacity to absorb and transform energy. Say for example: water generates electricity and its transform to your house through metal wire not through plastic because it’s not panchtattw or you can say dead matter. Can you grow vegetable on plastic or artificial matter?? So maximum vibration will absorb by natural clay.
An idol made out of clay dissolves faster in water and does not create any harm to marine life. Festivals are to be celebrated in keeping with spirit of ecological sustainment.
For emancipate or to bring benevolence to entire world. The worshiping Lord Ganesha should be done in its true form. He is God of Mother Earth. He controls the matter as written in Athervarshish. Any imbalance of Ganesha principle causes earthquakes and destruction of earth.
Therefore this Ganesha Chaturthi makes divine choice by bringing an eco-friendly clay idol.

Revive an age old tradition!

Celebrate an eco friendly Ganesh Chaturthi!

Adopt Clay Idols!

What can you do to protect environment?
  • Use permananent idols made of Stone or Metal like silver and brass.
  • Do a symbolic immersion
  • Reuse the same idols again the next year.
  • If you wish to immersed idols than purchase small eco-friendly idol.
  • Immersed idol at home and use the soil in Garden.
  • Use eco-friendly table wear
  • Compose the Nirmalaya
  • Say NO to Plastic and Thermocol decoration.
  • Let’s take pledge to celebrate eco-friendly Ganesh festival.

Immersion Stats- 2012

For 1.5 days' Ganesha Murti Immersion- 20th Sept., 2012:
  Ganesha Idols
Natural Ponds (Total) 63674
Sarvajanik 144
Household 63530
Artificial Ponds (Total) 5919
Sarvajanik 26
Household 5893
Total immersed 69593

ecoGanesha website launch

NirmalJyot_letter_of_appreciation_-_Environment_Minister_Government of Maharashtra
Letter of Appreciation and Support from Ministry of Environment, Cabinet minister, Shri Sanjay Deotale

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